LNXHC - Linux Health Checker

Software requirements

To install the Linux Health Checker, be sure that your system meets the software requirements.

Linux Health Checker, version 1.3

  • Perl version 5.8 or later

  • The following Perl modules:

    • Carp
    • Cwd
    • Exporter
    • File::Basename
    • File::Spec
    • File::Temp
    • File::stat
    • Findbin
    • Getopt::Long
    • MIME::Base64
    • Pod::Usage
    • Storable
    • Sys::Hostname
    • Time::HiRes
    • XML::Parser

    Note that most of these modules should be part of a common Perl installation. Also these modules can be obtained either using the distribution specific package management tool (preferred) or directly from the “Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN)” at www.cpan.org.

  • Each health check may have additional software requirements